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We love the sun. The sea. The nature.  We have a mediterranean soul.

We try our best to capture the feeling of the moment. Of a view. The AWE.

We have a passion for Architecture. Details. Design. Photography. Aesthetics.

We care for the Idea. The Concept. The meaning of each project and of its own personal story

Our story begins in Greece, but continues to the other side of the world,

where we meet and have the honour to work with extraordinary architects, designers, agencies,

and help visualize and promote different and creative ideas. 

At Converter Studio we create high-end visualization and our mission is to transform ideas

into something tangible, moving from theory to practice.

Margarita Varla_

Margarita Varla  

Lead 3D Visualizer | Creative Director

I strongly believe that a person is multi-faceted and is not only defined by one thing, as long as he does what he loves.

This is why I strive to make use of all the experiences that have shaped me, both as a person, as well as a professional, in everything I do today.

Working in architecture I have the opportunity to observe how the world of construction operates, what sells, what catches the eye, the importance of finding the balance between vision and making it a reality. 

Working in the world of 3D, I realized that technical skills are not enough.  It has more to do with feelings, with creating emotions and communicating your ideas and perspective to the client in such a manner as to guide the creative process, all the while creating your own story.


Whether it is the colours, the composition, the angle of the shot, the time of day, the actual ‘in-frame’ object, the focus, etc, the purpose is for the viewer to feel something, to experience a sentiment. And it is our job as artists to create and ‘provoke’ this feeling.


Stay sensitive, observe your surroundings, feel the energy around you and collect all the information you can, even if that means reading between the lines or looking beyond the obvious. Life is a constant fight. A fight for happiness. A fight in which you only learn, and it is up to you to keep trying.


We internationally collaborate with other artists, architects, interior designers, advertising and marketing agencies.

We trust and admire someone's specialized expertise and, of course,personal touch.

Our close friends:  FERMINNAN

Want to join our team? 

We will be happy to meet you! 

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