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Green Building

Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Architect:  Alexandre Rotier

Visualizations: Converter Studio, Ferminnan

Building yes, but let's green.


The beauty of Nature reminds Man of his relationship with the earth.
We owe it to ourselves to refocus on this link with Nature in order to reconnect

with it in a more conscious way.
This approach also brings us back to an awareness of isolation, depollution,

filtration and maintenance of biodiversity.

We are here in the Humanization of space, in a spirit of inspiration from Nature,

whether through form and architecture, colors, 
textures, scent, support by play of shadow and light thus allowing to be in

perfect symbiosis with a Whole. "Dreamings of Dreams".


But this inscription would not be done without a reminder of a

Foretaste of Paradise through the Arts of Africa
our history, our inscription in this place to nourish this present.

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