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Sifnos Residence

Sifnos - Greece

Architect:  Albanis G.

Design Consultant: Tzavaras K.

What we really enjoyed in this project, was the architects approach to maintain natures rocky enviroment and earthy mood.

Having an amazing view of almost all south side of the island, the architecture of the residence is strategically done, to follow and unfold effortlessly to the original contours.

A private residence, in the amazing greek island, Sifnos. From the residence you can enjoy the grand view of Platis Gialos, at the south side of Sifnos, the most popular beach of Sifnos, known as golden beach.

Sifnos is a Greek island in the Cyclades island group. It's known for its traditional pottery and there are many small pottery workshops in villages like Vathi and Kamares.

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